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Secure Document Transfer

Welcome to the online document and transcript repository web site! Court Reporters, whether your client is requesting access to a transcript repository or a repository for important documents online, or you're just ready to take the next step in technology, there is no need to look any further. We are able to set your company up with the amount of storage space that best suits your needs; whether it be 2 gigs or 200 gigs, we'll provide you with an easy, quick and secure setup for everything you need to bring your company to state-of-the-art status. It's easy to keep up with "The Big Boys" with Secure your client base by affording them the same products and services as your competitors. Imagine offering your clients the convenience of referencing all their files and photos easily, quickly and securely by effortlessly logging onto the web site.

If you're a law firm seeking to store your transcripts, exhibits and documents online temporarily for a single case, or permanently for storage of all your case-related files, we can provide you with the storage you need and make your online repository accessible to not only your staff, but your experts as well. You will be able to upload all transcripts and documents created by any source. Your very own online filing system containing all the information you need to prepare for trial - without all the paperwork!

Or, for those of you whose lives or careers are too demanding to manage the document repository service yourselves, we can handle that for you. It's simple. Send your specifically-named files via the internet in their desired format, and we'll do the rest. Your documents will be uploaded to your own secure site. You can have as many folders as you'd like; just direct us where you'd like your information to be stored.




This is a private site and contains privileged or confidential information. Access is limited to those who have been given express authorization through a user name and password. By logging in to this site, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of all information in accordance with the directions of your site administrator.

Unauthorized use, reproduction or dissemination of information contained on this site is prohibited and may be subject to criminal penalties.

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